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You can Now book an Online Session with Giri. I'm so excited to bring this healing modality online. In these sessions you will be masterfully guided to take more responsibility for your own integration and vibrational  shift. This is a very empowering process. Improve your well-being using your conscious breath. Restructure outdated patterns through this powerful breathing system.  FEEL BETTER NOW!!!

Why is breathing so important?

Without breath there is no life.  And still many of us take how we breathe for granted.
Oxygen feeds our cells and unless we are breathing deeply and fully, our bodies are not getting all the oxygen nor releasing all the toxins necessary for optimal health.  Our mental & emotional states are also greatly affected by our breathing patterns.  We can change our chemistry, outlook, and attitude by changing the depth, rhythm, and rate of our breathing.  The use of breath to improve our health, emotional state, and mental clarity is a skill everyone can benefit from learning.

Transformational Breath ® is a spiritual self-empowering healing system that creates great transformation in one’s life.  This dynamically powerful technique utilizes a high vibrational energy force created by a specific breathing pattern. Transformational Breath ® allows us to breathe better, to have more energy, to feel more peaceful and loving, and ultimately to attain higher levels of consciousness.

How are repressed emotions and traumas permanently resolved? Most people restrict their breathing to avoid experiencing unpleasant feelings. By holding our breath, we deactivate feelings.  Keeping them repressed (held in the subconscious) requires a tremendous ongoing amount of energy and creates chronic tension in our bodies. These repressed feelings also unconsciously affect our behavior, often in limiting, self-sabotaging ways.

Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder, Transformational Breath (R) Foundation with Govinda & Giri

Transformational Breath ® integrates the wounded aspects of self into one functioning whole.  It produces an entrainment effect in the electromagnetic field which allows dense, lower vibrational patterns (such as repressed emotions) to be transformed into a higher vibrational energy.  Through this process, trauma is permanently cleared from our being-without the need for conscious processing of each accumulated hurt.  Old patterns are restructured through the breath, the true inner nature reveals itself, and we move easily beyond our previous limitations to lead a more joyful and healthy life.

Transformational Breath ® focuses on the energies and states that you want to create, rather than paying attention to the patterns you are trying to release. The use of conscious intention along with affirmations, hands-on, sound, and invocation all contribute to a more effective and complete resolution.  Transformational Breath ® really is unique and IS THE Cutting Edge of Breathwork today.

Giri is a Certified Transformational Breath ®  Facilitator and Trainer.  She was personally trained by Dr. Judith Kravitz, co-creator of the Transformational Breath ® system.

Govinda is a Certified Transformational Breath(R) facilitator personally trained by Dr. Judith Kravitz.

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"Girija is my favorite practitioner of Transformational Breathing.  I like to offer this type of breath work whenever I can as part of Yoga of Recovery.  It is very much part of our "Life is Prana" teaching.  We've had some of our most profound sessions of releasing with Giri, who shows a very deep level of competency, connection and confidence, with this practice.  She has a very special skill in how she holds space and heartfelt safety around this practice. Thank you for being such a loving practitioner and friend.  You're amazing and I have such high regard for how you extend love into all you do."
Durga LeelaFounder of Yoga of Recovery

The only way to really know what you’ve been missing is to experience a Transformational Breath ® session.
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"My Transformational Breath session for the 2nd time was a very uplifting and life-changing experience. As I went deeper, I felt as if I was a child in a field. I remember seeing my birth mother standing in the field, and as a child I ran to her and she gave me a hug and said it’s not my fault and that I was always good enough. It was incredible. When I started to wake up, I felt a huge rush of emotions and feelings, and I started crying like a baby, but I wasn’t sad. I felt relieved, like 1000 tons of bricks had been lifted off my chest and shoulders. I FELT AMAZING! Giri is a genius, so trust her and give it a shot."