7 Day Re-boot Your Life

In this time of increased uncertainty, many people are struggling with a higher level of anxiety simply because they have no idea what is coming next. Many of these things are beyond our control, but there are some things we could take control of, that would have a positive impact fast. Many of us are aware that small children thrive on a daily routine. Same wake up, eating and bed time, etc. There is some comfort in knowing what will come next. As adults, we are no different, and as you build some self-care practices into your daily routine, you will feel the benefit very quickly.

In addition to the practices the program offers, we would invite you to set up a wake, eat and bedtime that will suit your life. Schedule yourself in! The program is based on a breathing and meditation practice that is only 10 minutes! The additional practices you can choose from are as short as 5 minutes! The time you spend on the practices is not as important as the consistency. They are very powerful when done daily. Many of us are in service to others, and we have realized that we are able to show up more fully, when we first care for ourselves.

Over the years, many of our students have struggled with finding a balance between being “in the head” and “being in the body” In general, there has been far too much “head time”! We have seen that one of the main reasons for this is that it just didn’t feel safe to be in the body. We feel a gentle approach is needed here. In this program, we are offering practices that you can do on your own safely, in your own time and place. It is important to always practice compassion for yourself, as you would for any friend, and allow your tolerance for “being in the body” to build. Perhaps you can stick with a practice for 1 minute to start, we begin where we need to, knowing if we stick with it, our tolerance for sensations will become stronger. This is exactly how we can integrate unresolved trauma, these issues are living in your tissues, the body remembers everything.

To contact us for more info, please connect through our website contact page @ www.giriandgovinda.com, Instagram, or our Facebook page.

As when embarking on any new program, we suggest you consult with your chosen health care professional before you begin.