Govinda Yogi


"When the body, mind and soul connect with the awareness of the breath, we can dive deep into the ocean of bliss"

Yoga, Transformational Breath®, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Conscious Cooking, Agnihotra, Drumming and Flute

Govinda began his spiritual journey with bhakti yoga over a decade ago, and is a graduate of the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course, and has completed his Connected Warriors training. As a Transformational Breath Facilitator, Govinda assists people in remembering their own true nature and reconnecting with their Higher Self. Govinda is a reiki practitioner and offers Assisted Thai Yoga sessions. As a culinary graduate he is dedicated to serving conscious, nutritious food and offers healthy cooking classes.

I almost don't want to write a review and keep Govinda a secret all to myself !
Within minutes of the assisted yoga session I felt totally relaxed. He eased all
my knots and tensions and worked very intuitively around my knee issue which
had prevented me from doing any exercise for months.
I left feeling utterly relaxed but also as if I had had a good yoga
workout but without any effort on my part. Bliss !
I highly recommend Govinda & his healing touch.
Krysia Borowska